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Hello! My name is Bethany Youngblood and I am a Christ-following, left-handed woman. I am a writer/blogger as well as an avid armchair anthropologist.
Forgotten Featherpen is a blog that focuses on creative writing and ancient history. Through this blog I want to share my journey to writing my first book with other young writers and encourage them to complete their own writing dreams. I also hope to share my Biblical perspective on ancient history with other curious Christians and inspire them to see history with new eyes. Ultimately I want to bring God glory through what He has given me to share with others.
For more on my background in writing, ancient man, and the blog itself, you can check out these posts:

What makes me....Me

I am the oldest of four siblings, two brothers and a darling little sister. I am Florida-born, Georgia-raised, and I currently reside in Virginia. I like to think of myself as having two sides. My serious side and my fun-only-brought-out-by-my-brother side.

So on my serious side I love to learn new things, spend time alone, watch random documentaries, and study ancient history. I've been this way from the beginning I'm afraid. My Dad opened up his video library to me when I was little. I watched nature documentaries and all that good stuff. But then I discovered ancient cultures. Egypt was my first love. I'm not gonna lie, those mummies are stuff are pretty awesome. I actually pretended to mummify my barbie dolls and bury them like the pharohs of old were buried in their tombs. I learned everything I could about Egypt and then other ancient cultures like Rome, Greece, the Norse, and even Native Americans. I'm just obsessed with ancient history.
This bled over into an interest in ancient man later on down the road. I'm a Creationist, so I believe that ancient man was intelligent instead of stupid. I take an avid interest in what secular historians call the Stone Age, Ice Age, and so on. I got the chance to flesh that interest out by my involvement in the Ancient Man Project (which I talk about below). That interest is also why I decided to take a selfie with the reconstruction of a Neanderthal skeleton. And I hardly ever take selfies with anyone. *sigh* I've got issues.

So my fun side used to only be brought out my brother. We're only one year apart so we've been close since forever. But now that I'm older I've learned how to allow more than the chosen few to see my fun side. I'm an introvert but that doesn't mean that I don't have fun! I could talk about reading and writing all day long if you get me alone. I love writing letters and re-reading my childhood favorites from my personal library. When I was a teen someone introduced me to anime and my life was never the same again. I love the Japaneese style of storytelling through some of the classics like Naruto and Bleach. And Studio Ghibli is right up there with Disney and Pixar to me.

My Already Published Work

One thing I am going to mention over and over and over again (because I love it) is the Genius of Ancient Man Project. This project is an outreach of the Jackson Hole Bible College in the form of a book and a blog on Ancient Man from a Biblical Perspective. I was lucky enough to be a student at the college and volunteer on the research team that produced the book "The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution’s Nightmare". The project is ongoing so I am still volunteering with them. I have posted over ten articles to the project’s official blog. After publication I re-post my articles here, but I highly recommend you visit the official blog and check out the work of the other fantastic researchers I work with.
Here is my personal review of the project.

So that's about it I guess. I'm pretty new to this blogging scene so I'd love to get to know some of my visitors. If you look in the sidebar there are several ways you could get in touch with me. Are you a writer too? How about a history buff? Even if you're not thanks for stopping by and visiting for a while. Come back again soon.

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