Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monthly Highlights: March 2016

If you're here taking time out of your busy day to read my ramblings (HUGS), you're awesome. Seriously, I know it's been a hectic month for everyone. What with school, assignments, and breaks, we're all running around more than usual. If this is your first visit to Forgotten Featherpen, allow me to elaborate on this week's post. The Monthy Highlights are where I look back on the previous month and share what's been going on! It's your chance to get a glance at everything from the blog, my life, and get a peek into next month's going-ons. Let's get started!


*hangs head* I missed a week. Sorry everyone, but I missed a Monday back there. Homework demanded every moment of my week, and I could not get a post done in time. Forgive me? You guys are awesome. So just two little (but very pretty) posts to go over with you this week.

We take off on our adventurous road trip over Spring Break! But I found my writer's spirit had been overburdened and needed a reboot. So, in the car, I shared my Care Guide for Writers On Spring Break so all my other friends could know how to take care of their writer. I thought it was funny to put it in the form of a pet care guide.

Yeah, it's from the Relient K Song :) My College has announced they are going to have something similar. In this post, I share my musings on The Sadie Hawkins: My Turn To Be A Guy. I now understand the stuff guys go through when trying to select a date for formal events! 

My Life

Uh, school? I feel like I’ve been buried up to my neck with it lately. This month I’ve been working non-stop to make sure I stay ahead and do quality work. I had to work overtime just to prepare for Spring Break. Because I was NOT going to be doing homework on my vacation! Boy, was I glad to have that week completely free. That post I wrote about caring for writers over Spring Break…that was me that week.

I and my Suitemate braved the seven-hour road trip from college to my home where a week of relaxation and adventure awaited us. We were not disappointed. Of course, every day did not go exactly according to plan. But then, when does life in general ever go exactly as we planned? Spring Break was a lovely reminder of how important it is to stay flexible. We can’t be attached to our timelines and schedules. As useful as they are, they are not what is really important. Family, friends, and quality time last longer than a planned outing. 

Impromptu sleepovers, late night trips to Walmart to randomly shop, donut runs, colored pencils and coloring books; these unplanned moments meant more to me this Spring Break than everything else I had planned. I was meeting my loved ones face to face and inhabiting their world fully in the moment. Nothing is more important. 

Speaking of plans and staying flexible, sometimes it is not as pleasant an experience. I was also reminded on this Spring Break week that staying flexible can pinch a bit at times. I thought I had set long term plans. Turns out I needed to change a few things about my direction. We’re often asked to give things up for the sake of something else. It frustrates and stresses us out. Why is it being snatched from us? Why should we have to give these things up? 

The fact is we can’t ever predict everything down the road. We have to be grateful for what God has given, take things one step at a time, and trust Him to take care of the rest. Not to say that we should never plan. But never hold to your plans so tight that God can’t steer you towards where He wants you. 

Yeah, so that’s what I learned over Spring Break. I’m very thankful I had that time with my family and friends. It’s helped me feel refreshed as I head into the last half of this semester. 


You guys like participating in polls? Here's your chance to have some fun with it. For the next month, I will have a poll in the sidebar for you guys to participate in. If you have any comments to share, feel free to leave them below. Enjoy!  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Sadie Hawkins: My Turn to be A Guy

The girls ask the guys It’s always a surprise. 

The chipper senior made the announcement to pockets of applause around the hall. Huh?  A Sadie Hawkins? Wasn’t that the lyric of some strange Reliant K song? I leaned over and quietly asked my suitemate if they meant what I thought they meant. Yep. If I wanted a date, I needed to ask the guy myself. Well, shoot. 

They’re telling this to the girl who has enough trouble getting a guy to ask her to anything! Now I’m supposed to ask a guy? A mix of thoughts swirled in my head. Asking a guy didn’t seem like my thing. But then, why not? I could be bold and ask right? 

Essentially, it's my turn to take the initiative. I usually expect the gentlemen to handle that. In the past, I’ve often felt let down by the initiative guys show when it’s their responsibility. It seemed like a shame that girls should have to go to formal events alone. Of course, I understand that the poor guys are outnumbered on most college campuses. There are too many girls for them all to have a date. Even if that was the case, it never seemed right that guys still show up without a date. It is not as if they lacked choices! 

Dates to dances or events don’t have to turn into romantic relationships. There’s enough pressure in dressing up and eating without looking like a fool to worry about romance am I right? If I were ever asked by a guy, all I would ask is a pleasant evening of conversation and quality time as friends. Is that too much to ask? For years, I had held to the opinion that guys should just buck up and ask a girl! Be bold! 

Ha, now I had to apply that same mantra to myself. Do I have any crushes I wanted to ask out? Nope. For that matter…do I have any guy friends I wanted to ask to the Sadie Hawkins? Uh…I’ve got a problem. Most of the guys I talk to already have girlfriends…or are engaged. Okay, so do I know any single guys that I feel comfortable asking? Another problem. I have this thing were it takes a long time for me to make friends with guys. I know, I’m awful. (If you’re a guy that I know, please don’t be offended by that. You get extra brownie-points for even reading this)

Is this what guys face when they try to find a date for a formal event? If so, I now know your pain! I promise I’ll never judge again if you ultimately decide not to ask anyone at all! You feel the pressure to provide someone with a date. You also want to pick someone you could have a good time with without the pressure of romance. 

So does anyone like my sweater? Have I figured out who I’m asking to the Sadie Hawkins? I thought of several possibilities, but I might just default to another single ladies date. There’s nothing wrong with that. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Care Guide For Writers On Spring Break

You care about your Writer. They work hard all school year and now have the opportunity for a break. But Writers require loving care if they are to relax and return refreshed to their work in one short week. Don’t worry; this comprehensive guide will prepare you to care for your Writer this Spring Break. 

  • Allow Two to Three Days for Your Writer’s Creative Battery to Recharge 

    • Exhausted Writers will often retreat to a room where they feel comfortable, or a room with a lock. 
    • If needed, allow your Writer to binge on Netflix and Hulu
    • Excessive sleep or staring off into the distance is to be expected. 

  • When signs of life return, coax your writer back out with assorted treats

    • Favorite foods and drinks work well
    • For a hermit-prone Writer, offer a new book or notebook in exchange for a physical appearance. 

  • Make sure your writer receives lots of Sun

    • For best results, take your writer to the beach and let run or swim till tired. 
    • Walks in the woods and amusement parks are also effective.   

  • If sun is unavailable, exercise your writer by letting it walk through libraries or book stores

    • Remember, if your writer becomes lost in a library or bookstore, they will always come back when they are hungry. 
    • If your Writer ate before hand, hold their phone, pen, or notebook hostage to ensure they will return. 

  • Allow your writer to return to creative bursts of productivity as soon as they like

    • This stage may resemble Step One when your Writer retreats into solitude, but this natural and is not meant as an insult to your loving care. 
    • Have coffee or tea available in case your Writer spends more than two hours at their work.

Congratulations! You have successfully cared for your Writer over Spring Break! 

I hope you have enjoyed this fun little guide. I’m off to relax now myself and recharge my creative battery! Let me know about other ways you guys have found to relax and get the creative juices flowing again. Have a great Spring Break!