Monday, March 16, 2015

Why "Forgotten Featherpen"?

What went into the thought process when I came up for the name of my blog? After all, names are important. Names are the first impressions of writing. Names are how you are remembered. Names are everything!

Before I started this blog I went through the process of agonizing over the name. I read countless sources that told me how important the name was. The blog name would become my brand, my first identity as a blogger. After I completely stressed myself out, I decided to forget everything I'd read. I was going to name my blog something that suited me. It would't be ground-breaking or awesomely clever, but it would be mine.

So why "Forgotten Featherpen"? Besides the pleasent alliteration there were actual reasons why I chose this name.


I have a fascination with ancient history. In particular the cultures we refer to as "Lost Civilizations". Why? They possess mystery. They were lost to us. Knowing that only increases the desire to uncover their secrets. Admit it, we want to know what they knew! We want to hear their stories.

I chose 'forgotten' as part of my blog name to hint at that desire to uncover the past. By definition 'forgotten' doesn't have to be a sad or meloncholy word. It lends itself toward secrecy, mystery, and adventure. I have always loved this quote by J.R.R Tolkien's character Galadriel:


"And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost." ~ Galadriel


When I look at ancient history I don't see boring textbook pages. I see sweeping dramas and epic journeys like what Tolkien showed us in his books. (Minus the wizards and elves though.) The thing is, important things in our ancient past have been lost.

As an armchair anthropologist and researcher, I see things that should not have been forgotten. And I want to learn about and share them with others.

As a storyteller, I am compelled to write the adventures I see therin.



A featherpen, or a quill, is a writing impliment made from the molted flight feather of a large bird. That's the technical definition. The other definition is that featherpens are a symbol for the craft of writing. If you've never had the oppurtunity to write with a real one, I reccomend it. I chose this term for the second half of my blog's name because it represented the romance and classic elegance of writing.

Once, a long time ago, I frequented a website that had forums for the members. I decided to start a club for those members who enjoyed reading and writing like I did. It would be a forum club where we could share our favorite books and exchange story ideas. I called them the Featherpens. Surely I'm not the only one who has used that name for a group of writers before. I have since left that website in favor of other writing pursuits. But I always have, and always will be proud of being a Featherpen.


Forgotten Featherpen

So, besides the pleasent alliteration, this blog's name means a lot to me. It represents my passion to research ancient cultures and reveal the stories that may have been forgotten. It also represents my love for writing and telling stories. So there you have it. My advice, when choosing a name for your blog, is name it after the passions in your life. That is what I've done with mine.




  1. Ooh. I love your blog name and the meaning behind it.
    My blog is titled "A Writer's Faith." The meaning is practically right there. I'm a writer, and I'm a Christian. So I try to incorporate my faith into writing. :)

    1. Thanks Katie! I dropped in on your blog and it looks wonderful! Its so encouraging to meet another Christian blogger.

    2. I found your blog through my blog, so, hello! *waves* It's so true, isn't it? It's always awesome to find other people like you out there. :)


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