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Monthly Highlights: July 2015


Welcome back everyone to another exciting Monthly Highlights! I've been surprised how popular these monthly updates are. I'm glad everyone enjoys them and I'll try to keep them exciting and informative for you. So, first off, how was everyone's Fourth of July?? I was a loser and didn't do anything on account of online school. But you guys had fun right? Don't forget to comment below and fill me in on the awesome things you've accomplished this month. Let's get this started!




Yay! Once again I managed to post once every week. I really feel convicted to try and post more but, looking ahead at what I've got coming up, I'll be happy with the consistency I already have. Here's the lovely posts up on Forgotten Featherpen this month. The one on Prehistoric Man was a lot of fun to write and something I promised to deliver. What did y'all think of it?


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Without going into too much detail, I had the oppurtunity to unload a stuffed moving van the other day. It took four hours in the humid, glaring heat. And of all the things to pop into my head I thought the experience provided excellent reference material if I ever wrote a story about slaves suffering in their labors. So everyone, if you ever want to experience what your poor slave character is suffering through, just go do hard labor in the sun for four hours. You'll have a pretty decent idea after that.

Any of you remember that painting I shared last month? I was able to paint another for my American Literature class this summer. She's called "Innate Divinity" and I'm very proud of her. The painting was in response to learning about the Eastern Religion influcences found in Transcendentalism. It was super fun because of my interest in ancient religious symbolism. Also below is the painting from last month, "Culture's Modern Priest." These two were made to be companion pieces. Hope you enjoy!


In other news....I've finally finished all my online summer college classes! To say I'm relieved is an understatement. The classes were so taxing! But also so fun! I'm torn now between being happy with free time and wishing I was still busy learning from such amazing teachers. If anyone is ever considering Toccoa Falls College then go there. Take my word for it, they have amazing teachers. And make sure you get Professor Thomas for American Lit. It's great to be done with summer classes. I got all A's! Now to prepare for more college this Fall.



Yes, at some points during this busy month I did pay attention to the construction of my book. This month I've been looking seriously at structure and the mechanics to consider before the bulk of writing is started. I struggle between plotter and panster you see. To help with my panster side, and to give myself a kick in the pants, I joined a site called MyWriteClub. Y'all should check it out! You get to add all sorts of goals like wordcount, scenes, or whatever else you need. There's a community of other writers around to cheer you on as you work towards your goals. If you check it out feel free to follow my progress as well. It's slow going, but at least I've started!


Also this month I downloaded this amazing photoblending app on my phone. I've had waaaay too much fun with it. The below pictures are just the product of an overactive imagination when it gets hold of pretty pictures and an app. I've been doing lots of plotting and these pics are the offspring. It's such a wonderful thing to plot! Some might be thrown off by the pics. But trust me, I'm an author. I've got it all under control.




That about wraps it all up for this month! I've got some fun ideas for next month's post so I hope you'll check back to see them. If you have a tag or post idea you'd like to see me do I'd be glad to read about it. So post your comments or questions below! Now before I let you go, here's some of the interesting blog posts I've enjoyed this past month.


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  1. It sounds like you had a fun month. ^ ^ The painting is really cool. I celebrated Fourth of July with downtown fireworks which was really fun. ^ ^ Those collage pics are really cool! :D

    1. I'm glad you like them! I made them on my iphone using an app called Instant Picframes and then added a filter in another app called Pic Lab HD. It's amazing what you can do on an iphone!

      You've been giving my blog lots of love which makes me so grateful. But I haven't been around your blog in a while have I? I should fix that *hops over to blog*

    2. Sweetness!

      Thank you for the comment love. ^ ^ Your posts need more love. I see a post with no comments and I have to fix it lol. XD


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