Monday, September 28, 2015

Monthly Highlights: September 2015

Guess what? I survived another month of college and blogging without exploding! Yes, I’m very proud of myself too. If this is your first visit to Forgotten Featherpen then welcome to the Monthly Highlights where I briefly recount the many wonderful things that have been going on here. I’ll also touch on my ongoing writing projects and things to expect this upcoming month. So let’s get started!

The Blog

I obviously held off on the writing/reading oriented posts this month. This was my first month at college! I had to tell y’all all about it! Even the school assignments and my emerging social life couldn’t keep me from posting once a week.

I shared my some of my story in coming to college in My Time To Fly. It was the optimistic start to my big year of adventure here.

It may come across as sad, but it’s really not! When Wings Grow Weary is just a post that explained some of the real feelings that come along with a change in life. Finally, I shared 5 Ways to Challenge Yourself in College. I’m taking those challenges myself and I can’t wait to see how I grow over the year.

Next month I do plan on posting more than just pieces of my heart with y’all. I’ll probably have fun with some tags I’ve been saving. So make sure to keep coming back. As a side note, I’m so happy to have such a surge of new visitors lately! Not all of them are commenting but I can see you hanging around in the stats. :) Thanks y’all for dropping by. Keep coming!

My Life

If I tried to tell you every new thing that has happened to me since coming to college you would end up reading a short novel. So I’ll try to summarize it instead by saying this: I’m having an awesome time.

First off, I’ve met more writers here at Byran! There’s two groups I should tell y’all about.

1. Logophile

This is a small group of writers that meets weekly on Bryan campus to share their writing and work through prompts together. I was super excited to hear about this because I had never been a part of a physical writing club before. Believe me, it’s way different then the groups I’ve joined around the web or on Facebook. Different in good ways though. When I work up the courage I really want to share some of my work with them.

2. Bryan Bloggers

This should really be a thing, people. Since coming to Bryan I’ve seen or talked at least five people who blog here at Bryan College. Every single one brings unique perspectives to our time here as students. What’s so funny is that we read each other’s stuff online but rarely talk about our blogs in person! Plus I’ve noticed that all the bloggers are girls….why don’t boys blog? Okay, back on topic. If anyone is interested, here’s my list of Bryan Bloggers you should definitely follow.

Miss A Capuzzi @ HE is Truth

Kat @ Kat’s Korner

Brittanyrae @ Inspired Daughter

Karis @ Karis at College

Amber @ His Forever After

Kate @ Confessions From a Servant’s Heart

In other news Fall has arrived on campus! Along with the changing leaves….apparently there’s a lot of things here that I’m allergic to. Just another obstacle for the adventurous soul right? To celebrate the girls in my Hall had a Fall Festival night. We painted pumpkins, decorated cookies, and overall had a fantastic night!

My Story

Okay okay, so maybe I haven’t technically written any new material but I have done a lot of free writing! I was so distraught when my old, bulky story notebook was too big to fit into my backpack with all my other school junk. So I made a move from one notebook to another! I’ve found little pockets of time in-between classes, work-study, and even meals to jot down anything that comes to mind. I’ve worked out some plot issues, developed some characters, and even hit upon the genius idea for a prequel! Because I totally have time for that right?

Thanks for sticking with me here. It's been a great month and a lot has happened. Even more than I could fit into this month's highlights. If there are any other Bryan Bloggers out there that I missed let me know! Till next time!




  1. Hey Bethany! We really should start a Bryan Bloggers club.... Even if it's unofficial :) I really enjoy reading about y'all's lives and joys and struggles here at college. It's awesome to get a glimpse into the hearts and passions of people just like us... yet different and unique! Keep it up!

    1. Hey Amber! Thanks for commenting. We should definitely get together one of these days as a group. Maybe tackle some posts about Bryan or something. Thanks again for stopping by!

    2. That would be so much fun! I've even heard of people doing group posts, where people write a post together and all post it... Or everybody writes a related post and then link them all together...

    3. Yeah I've heard of things like that but I've never attempted it. I've only linked to other blogs or sites through my own work.


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