Monday, September 14, 2015

When Wings Grow Weary


After the first few weeks of college, I feel a lot like that ruffled little bird right there. It's been a rough ride some days getting used to all this flying and stuff. Lots of fun! But still some rough winds. At the end of the day, one's metaphorical wings can feel a bit tired.

I think that's something we never consider when we use that image of leaping and spreading our wings to fly. Sometimes our wings grow tired. Our novice spirits lack the endurance to push on at first. New obstacles buffet us like harsh and unexpected winds. We might lose our momentum and take a tumble, crash, and bruise. At the end of the day, when we were at first eager, we now ache. No one ever tells you your first experience flying like this can make you sore.

Now I knew going in that college was going to be different than anything else I’d ever experienced. If you read my thoughts last time you know that I already went through a lot before coming to college. I’ve carried full loads in online college and worked retail full time for almost two years. I know stressful! But College? For all the excitement I’ve had to remember that education on a college campus is a totally new and unexplored terrain. College is my first real opportunity to test what I’m really made of. When I took leap I knew it could get rough. I just didn’t expect rough to happen as fast as it did. Here’s the truth of things:

College is not the comfort of my home.

College is not a place where you do everything by your own pace.

College is not for the unadventurous heart.

Sometimes wings grow weary. But God is surely the gentle wind that lifts me back up. I’m ready to fly again today and I'm determined to take hold of the adventure ahead of me. Now's the time to be bold and brave the rough winds!

How are the rest of you holding up in your new circumstances, whatever they may be? How’s college going? If you work through the kinks it will smooth out. Next time I want to go over some challenges I’ve set for myself in college. Don’t miss it!



  1. I totally get the feel. When we do something adventurous, it gets tiring sometimes. In these cases sometimes we need a respite even if it's small. I hope smoother flying comes your way. ^ ^

    1. Thanks Victoria. Weekends are huge respites for me right now! :) But I've been so busy I haven't had the time I usually do to wander around to other blogs. I'll make a point to come visit yours again soon for sure.

    2. I understand. Thank you. ^ ^ I always enjoy hearing from you.

  2. Hi Bethany! I love your blog! You really have a way with words, and providing food for thought... For me, it's tempting to try to paint an idealistic picture of my college experience, when really its been anything but. I've gone through some pretty dramatic ups and downs in my college years, and I've found your observations to be totally true in my life as well! "College is not the comfort of my home . . . a place where you do everything by your own pace . . . for the unadventurous heart." Amen! But it is an incredible place to grow as a person and learn to trust God more. I hope your adventures here are absolutely incredible!
    (P.S., I have a blog at :)

    1. Hey Amber! Thanks for stopping by! Next week I'm planning to talk about those wonderful ways you can grow as a person while at college. I look forward to checking out your blog!


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