Monday, February 8, 2016

Five Notes for Valentine's Day

I've started seeing pink, red, and little hearts in my peripheral vision. My inbox is full of flower delivery advertisements and invitations to dating sites. I guess it's that time of year again.

I've struggled for days on how I wanted to address Valentine's Day. There's been a long-standing opinion of mine that I shouldn't write posts like these because I didn't want to be cliche. I didn't want to come across as mushy, repetitive, or bitter. So what did I want to say about this red, love-filled day that's coming up?

I wanted to speak to my sisters in Christ. So I decided to write a series of notes to address different groups of my friends where they were this Valentine's Day. As you're preparing for the romantic weekend ahead, I hope you find these encouraging.

1. To those who have a date, 

This is apparently the year for all of my dear friends to get married or engaged. Not a day goes by when I don't see a new social media update on their romantic adventures. Dear friends are getting married to the love of their life. Others are being rewarded for their long and faithful waiting with real-life Prince Charmings.

Girls, I am so happy for you. I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day with your date. This is a time you've been blessed with. Don't feel bad when your friends ask you to stop being such a "couple" in front of them. Like me, they're just happy to see you happy. And you guys are probably adorable together too.

So enjoy yourselves, and have a happy Valentine's Day!

2. To those who are suddenly single this year, 

Maybe you didn't plan on being single this time of year. Maybe you've gone through a bad break-up. But be encouraged, your girlfriends have got your back! This may be a very bittersweet and sad day for you. We understand, and we have access to chick-flicks if you need them.

Please don't feel pressured to be in a relationship again just because you might be afraid of being alone. A lot of growth can happen during a season of singleness. Take this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to treat yourself. Indulge in some old-fashioned self-care. You can buy yourself some chocolates and some flowers you know.

3. To my sisters who are still single, 

Like... this is your fifth or tenth Valentine's Day as a single. You're an old pro at surviving single awareness day. You're not alone! I am totally there with you, and I would like to encourage you.

I know it can be easy to be bitter and gloomy on this holiday. But you could try being content instead. Remember, this is where God has you right now. He wants you to be a woman after His own heart right here, without a man to impress. Take heart, God has a plan for you and your future spouse. Yeah, I'm writing to myself here too.

Just remember to have fun on Valentine's day. Go out with all your other single ladies for some fun and relaxation. Treat yourself!

4. To my practical girlfriends, 

You know who you are. You're the one's that don't click with chick-flicks or the rest of this romance stuff. This holiday doesn't make a lot of sense to you. It probably really annoys you too. Please be patient with us helpless romantics. We only get to be this love-crazy once a year after all. Thanks for keeping us grounded, and thank you for letting us have fun anyway. You guys are really awesome.

5. To my fellow dreamers, 

If you're still waiting for your perfect man to come around..join the club. It is perfectly okay to have a sensible head on your shoulders and understand that you need to keep living life with or without a man. But I would also like to tell you there is nothing wrong with dreaming every now and again.

On Valentine's Day, I tend to spend a lot of time wondering what my future husband is up to. Is he out on a date? (Which I'm fine with) Is he alone like me? If I get around to thinking like this, I'll usually sit down and write him a letter. I let him know I'm thinking of him and praying for him. I tell him how I've spent my day and the sorts of dates I think we should do once we're together. Or, if I don't write my future husband a letter, I might tell God what's been on my mind for Valentine's Day.

There isn't a thing wrong with dreaming about your romantic future. You do want to be careful that such thoughts don't become idols in your life. Remember that your relationship with Christ comes first.

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

I hope these were an encouragement to some of you! What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Plans for survival or success? What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day activities? 


  1. This is a neat post! I'm definitely a mix of three and five. I've never been in a relationship. I've just never found the right guy and usually Valentine's Day means boycotting Facebook to avoid sappy posts reminding me of how single I am. This Valentine's Day I'm spending with one of my best friends and we'll celebrate phileo love. Who says Valentine's Day has to only be about romantic love?

    1. Too true! I'll have to remember that. I don't even know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day weekend besides tons of homework! :)


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