Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monthly Highlights: February 2016

Sentiments of the month have been soft and wistful while storm clouds and musings of the heart have been ever present in the sky. So pink clouds seemed appropriate as this month's image.

It has been a packed month, filled with pinnacles of encouragement and sudden drops into doubt. A lot of what I learn month to month shows up here on Forgotten Featherpen. If this is your first visit, the Monthly Highlights are where we take a look back over all the things that happened on Forgotten Featherpen this month. I also like to share a bit of what's going on in my life and let you know my plans for next month's blogging.

Let's begin shall we?


This month I shared Why I'm Saying No to Stress.  Stress likes to invade our lives. It makes us run to stay ahead of it or hide to keep away from it. This semester I decided to start looking at stress differently. Let me tell you, it's hard to keep this perspective. But it's so worth it.

Valentine's Day can be rough for a lot of us. I struggle every year with how to orient my chaotic thoughts for it. I don't usually enjoy reading posts about Valentine's Day because they all start to sound the same. But, this year, I decided to write Five Notes for Valentine's Day to offer encouragement and some humor to my sisters.

I have learned so much about Creative Writing this Semester. Ooh there's just not enough time to write all the posts about it that I want to! To summarize some of the lessons I've learned so far, I shared the 3 Notebooks Every Writer Needs. These have been SO helpful to me! If you've started using something similar, I would love to hear about it!

I'm gonna be honest. At first, I didn't think a class about Communication or Politics would impact my abilities as a creative writer. Man, was I wrong! This month I shared the Five (Strange) College Classes To Help Your Writing. If you have the right mindset, every single class you take can make you a better writer.

My life

I've spent most of this month either keeping up with my homework and extracurricular activities or wrestling inwardly with my own thoughts. That can get pretty exhausting, let me tell you. I'm already looking forward to Spring Break so I can get some rest. But, all in all, I am living my life here at college to the fullest that I can!

What to Expect Next Month

More Creative Writing Posts! 

The ideas for these just keep coming. The textbooks I am privileged to be reading are just chock full of incredible tips for the creative writing process. I can't wait to share what I'm learning about dialogue, setting, and space in creative writing.

College Stuffs

Classes keep me musing. Especially the classes I take for my Liberal Arts major. There is some seriously good stuff in those classes that I would love to share. Keep a look out for more posts that tie back to my college journey.

Ancient Man

As always, this interest nags at the back of my mind. I'm almost finished with The Secrets of Ancient Man Book. As soon as I'm done I'm going to write that review for you! I've also been able to do some fun research into other ancient man topics this month for a class that I would love to share with y'all here. Keep your eyes open for it!

Maybe some New Stuff....

I have an idea for a new weekly post. Or maybe a bi-weekly post so I can still keep my sanity.
My creative writing classes have been encouraging me to respond to prompts and work on short stories throughout the semester. What would y'all think of a serial story or responses to writing prompts every other Wednesday?

This is the time of month when I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. What sorts of posts would you like to see? What have you liked so far? There have been some new faces around here this month, and I'm very excited to meet you all. I hope you've had a wonderful February! 


  1. Yay for creative writing posts! That's always exciting. :D

    AND I LOVE YOUR PICTURE ON THE SIDEBAR! Not to be creepy or anything. xD But the Captain America shirt is awesome (*squeals about CA: Civil War) and you're pretty. ^.^

    1. Aw! Thankees :) You've been posting some really awesome stuff lately, thanks so much for dropping by!


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