Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer is Here! And I've got Plans!

Wow, that last half of the semester was a rough one! I left y'all alone for a whole month without warning! I hope you accept my sincerest apologies, but I really did need to focus on finals and such. But! Summer is here and yes, I am finally back! I've left my campus and dorm behind for the summer and am now comfortably reinstalled to my home routine. And I am SO excited to get back to blogging every week! To get this kicked off, here are some of my BIG PLANS for Forgotten Featherpen this summer!

1. I've got two or three book/screenplay reviews that are sadly overdue. But they're going to be awesome so keep a lookout.

2. More Movies and History reviews! Since Movies and History: The Road to Eldorado, and Movies and Worldivew: Spirited Away were so popular, I've selected a few more movies to continue the Movies and History series. If some have already come to your mind, share in the comments below!

3. Poetry! I got into the habit while I was taking my Creative Writing courses this past semester. I can't wait to share some of it with you guys!

4. A Pinterest Summer! You know how all those awesome writing tips and tricks just sit in your pinterest boards and never see the light of day again? That should change! This summer, I plan to sort through ALL my creative writing pinterest boards and try out some of them! I'll share my results right here on the blog with you!

And those are just the top four topics! I've got lots more to share with you over the summer! Can't wait to get started!

What are your summer blogging plans looking like? I'd love to hear about it and check it out! 

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