Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Ireland Chronicles: Entry Four - Photo Edition!

Hey Everyone! First off, this entry marks the halfway point for my time here in Ireland! It's gone by so fast! In celebration, I've decided to fill this entry with some of my favorite pictures of the summer so far. Enjoy! 

Favorite Selfies 

I'm learning a lot about myself here in Ireland. I am enjoying being a part of children's ministry. I'm proud of all the work I'm able to do. I feel more confident and I'm just having fun! 

Churches of Ireland

This is a sampling of some of the Churches I've been able to visit here in Ireland. They span different denominations, but they are all beautiful!

Ruins ~ Monasteries/Abbey

So far I have visited two sites. One was a monastary called Clonmacnoise and the other was Boyle Abby. They were absolutely breathtaking! I hope to see more before I leave! 

Animals of Ireland

I've gotten so used to seeing cows, sheep, and horses everywhere I go. I don't know what I'll do when I go home! 

Views of Ireland

Assorted nature shots/stone walls

The Big Red Bus 

From the long drives to the puppet shows, this was an incredible experience!


That's it for now! I'll make sure to do a second photo edition before the end of my time here. Again, THANK YOU for your continued prayers and support! They mean more than you know! The next big thing for us is Impact Ireland! Till Next Time!


  1. Wow these shots are awesome! :D I wish my camera was this good when I went to France lol.

    1. These were just taken with my iPhone! But for the nature shots I'm able to adjust some things with an app called SnapSeed

    2. Oh really? I took some in France with my iPod but that was back in 2012 and the quality didn't turn out. XD


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