Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Ireland Chronicles: Entry One

My adventure is well and truly begun. Already ten days have passed! I could hardly relate every detail of the past ten days, but they have been full of work and wonder. Allow me to tell you though the overview of what life is like here in Ireland so far.

The Setting

Ireland itself is only about the size of Indiana and, from the air, it looks like a patchwork quilt of the most vivid shades of green. Now, where I spend most of my time are the Midlands, the center of Ireland, in Roscommon County. Just past Athlone and through Rahara is Lacken House where I live and prepare to serve. Lacken House is the heart of OM Ireland. Now they chose this central location for two reasons. They could put down roots in the countryside and, at the same time, be only roughly three hours away every major city of Ireland.

Lacken House is surrounded on three sides by lush pasture where sheep and cows are enclosed by low stone walls. The windows in Lacken are almost always open, so it is always as cool outside as it is inside. So most mornings I wake, not to the sound of a TV, but to the chorus of sheep and cows, and the squabbling of the blackbirds congregating on the roof.

The people at Lacken are from all over the world. Voices from Ireland, America, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and South Korea are all raised in prayer for the country of Ireland. They are all imperfect, but they are all my family in Christ. And they want to be about His work.

In Ireland, you typically determine the denomination of the church by the shape and height of the ornate or imposing steeple. There are either Catholic Churches or Anglican Church of Ireland Churches. But, despite the beautifully impressive old churches, not everyone within are believers. Evangelical churches are very small usually. A congregation of 50 is considered large. Only churches in larger cities have congregations over 100. The church I attended today was called Ballinasloe, and it met in the Business Suite of a hotel across the street from a stately Catholic Church. Just under 15 people make up the congregation in the hotel. They arrive each week to set up and tear down after each service. Though small, they are not blind to the pain and trouble of their world and country. They love God's Word, and they are dedicated to spreading the Gospel.

What I'm Doing

I'm here with OM Ireland to serve as an Intern on the Big Red Bus. Think of it as a VBS Program on wheels that tours all over Ireland to share with kids. This year's theme for the Bus is "Under the Sea!" Since arriving here in Ireland I have been a part of transforming the Big Red Bus into a Submarine ready to go out on adventures!

Another part of being on the team is actually taking part in the program. I and two other ladies will be puppeteers for the tour. During the 30-minute long show, I operate five seperate puppets in addition to helping out with a magic trick. I've never worked with puppets so much before! Let me tell you this, it makes your arms and knees hurt! But I cannot wait to perform for the kids and hear if they like the show or not.

Soon the Bus will leave on its two week tour of Ireland. We will be stopping at churches, schools, and anywhere else the kids will have us. It's going to be face-paced, crazy, and exhausting. All the same, I get more excited about it every day!

What's Different About Ireland? 

Ever wonder what the differences are between Ireland and the U.S.A? Well wonder no longer! I've made a list for you!

  • All the cars are smaller. And so are the roads! (and they drive on the wrong side of the road)
  • Almost every house has a tiny walled front yard and gate. 
  • The flush for the toilet is on the wrong side. 
  • Roundabouts are EVERYWHERE
  • Sheep and Cows are everywhere
  • Front doors are often painted more nicely that the houses. 
  • Sidewalks are called footpaths. 
  • It's not trash, it's rubbish. 
  • Leftovers are thrown in compost bins, not in with the normal trash. 
  • Everyone recycles. 
  • You take your own bags to the market
  • Food is SO CHEAP!
  • There are castle ruins in cow fields

That is all for this week! Thank you everyone for your continued prayers! They are needed over these next few weeks of tour!


  1. Wow this is such an awesome opportunity! I've actually heard of the Big Red Bus program. I hope you have an amazing trip!

    1. Thanks! Where did you hear about the program! That's really neat!

    2. I considered doing a mission trip to Ireland and I went to the meeting and they spoke about it.


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