Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Creative Blogger Award

I started this blog in November of 2014. So I have only been blogging for about seven months now. I had just started to wonder, "Does anyone really read any of this? Am I just talking to empty cyberspace?" Then the wonderful Heather from Sometimes I'm a Story nominates me for the Creative Blogger Award! I feel like the new kid in town who's been invited over for a party! Thank you so much, Heather! And now, on to the main event.


The rules:


~ Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
~ Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
~ Share 5 facts about yourself with your readers
~ Pass the rules on to them.


I already share a lot of facts about myself with you guys on my About Me page. So I decided to pause before I repeated myself and think about what would be really interesting. Heather had a superb idea with her list of facts, so I'm going to unashamedly copy her idea of giving you a list of Creative facts about myself.


  • I've kept a dream journal for over five years now

I don't know about y'all, but I have some pretty vivid dreams. Lots of them are really nice but some of them are world-class nightmares. And I remember them all in detail for several hours after waking up. Instead of keeping a physical journal (don't hate me!) I use an app called "Dreams". So original right? But really, the app is wonderful. I may have been keeping the dream journal since 2010, but there are dreams in there that were so powerful that I remembered them from when I was a little girl. When I kept having so many vivid dreams I started doing research into the meanings behind dreams and what they tell you about your state of mind. It's really cool stuff! I even based a short story called "The Girl and the Bee" off of one of my dreams. Maybe one day I'll post the story here. What do y'all think?

  • I've been text-RP'ing for...well a long time

That means I make stories with other people through texts. You've heard of forum-based role playing? It's the same thing except through text. I don't know how many years exactly I've been doing it so I'm just going to say a long time. It started when I friend of mine from a forum RP wanted to try out a couple of our charries in an AU (alternate universe) from the one they were in. So I said, "Why not? That should be fun!" Years later....those charries have gotten married and we've played out around five generations of action since then and we're still going strong. All through text! I should really write a post about this one day. It's taught me a lot of things about writing!

  • I like to tell stories through cave drawings


Y'all ever seen real cave art? If you haven't then you need to check out my Stone Canvas Articles Parts One and Two. But moving on...I like drawing out stories like ancient people did. The stylized animals and people really inspire me. At first I tried drawing pictographs like the Anasazi of Southwest North America did. But then I kinda branched out to whatever spoke to me. I'm obsessed with ancient cultures so go figure. There's an example of one of my original paintings to the right.


  • I only become inspired when I'm trying to sleep

I've heard this might be a thing with writers? Anyone else suffer with this? I love sleep. I mean, I really love being able to go to bed on time and drift off to blissful sleep....but then I'm suddenly struck with the perfect way to do such and such in my story! So I spend the next half hour mentally playing everything out in my head. Sometimes I even talk it out loud till I like the sounds of all the words. I grab my phone and write it all down in Evernote. Then I can't go to sleep anymore because the ideas won't leave me alone!



  • I'm afraid of people looking over my shoulder and reading my writing

I really don't know why. But when I'm writing with pen and paper I just don't want people reading over my shoulder! So I developed this habit where I write in cursive (a dying art) in super small print and in several columns down the page, with the first column on the right side and moving to the left side. Sneaky system huh? My writing has been safe ever since! It's even backfired on me before when I wrote so fast I couldn't even understand it myself!


Well this has been extremly fun! I nominate....

Samantha @ The Writer's Nook

Emma @ Of Starry Knights and Lullabies

Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith

Adelaide @ Down by the Willows

Mariesa @ The Strange and Unexplained Meo Bird

Katie @ the goodness revolt

Chloe @ Living on Literary Lane

Cait @ Paper Fury

Sunny @ A Splash of Ink

Christina @ christina writes

Sarah @ Inklined

(I only did 11. This only shows I need to find some more awesome blogs to read!)


By the by, if any of you have a blog you're crazy about, let me know cause I'd love to go and check it out! So does anyone else have vivid dreams? Any that have stayed with you for several years? Are there any more artists out there? One of these days I'm going to post more or my art on here.






  1. Great answers!
    I myself was nominated for this award. I hope I do it as well as you have,, Bethany.

    1. Hey Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to see your answers once you post them!

  2. Wow! Five years of dream journaling? I don't think I could do that—but it sounds awesome! :D Cave drawing seems awesome, and I also think that I have the same fear of people reading over my shoulder. It's like I can just feel the judgement coming down. Thanks for participating in the tag, Bethany!

    1. Yeah the app makes it super easy! Thanks for tagging me in it, I really enjoyed it!

  3. I write in weird cramped right-to-left columns too!! I even write backwards in my notebooks, for whatever weird reason. (Hmm, might include that in one of my 5 facts. Thanks so much for the nomination!!)

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to read it :) thanks for stopping by!

  4. Eeep! Thanks for the tag!! This looks really fun. ^_^ I dreams. OKAY. I do dream but usually they're very stressful dreams (like I'm running from zombies or something, lol) and I'm 99% aware I'm in a dream. So I always wake up exhausted AND promptly roll over and forget my dream. I just know that I dreamed not what it was about. So, darn, frustrating. *growls at stupid dream habits* I did once have this weird dream that I sort of remembered...and it turned into a dragon book that I'm going to write and am really excited about!! SO YEAH THAT HAPPENED. xD Dreams are weird stuff.

    1. I love dreams that turn into stories! I mostly have these epic nightmares. One time I had a dream where me and my mom had this huge argument (and we never argue in real life) and I was so hurt by what she said in the dream I actually thought she was mad at me in the morning. Dreams are strange! I hope you do the tag and I can't wait to read it!


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