Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Top Ten Books I'd love to see as Movies

Yay! My first Top Ten Tuesday! I'm super excited to put this list together and share some of my favorite books with you at the same time. So the prompt for this week? (Wanna know more about Top Ten Tuesday? Take a peek here.)


I picked all these books right from the prized shelf where my all-time favorite books reside. A lot of them were read when I was a teen (so that should explain why about half of them are geared towards children) and others are more recent. They're listed in no particular order. Because trying to make me list them in order of importance is like trying to make me pick my best friend. I don't have many so they're all equal! (*whispers* but I like East the best) So anyway, on with the list!


  • Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

I don't have kids. But when I do, these books will be what I read to them every night. Brian Jacques is a master storyteller who wrote over twenty books within the Redwall Series. The tales of Redwall follow the adventures and dangers that come to the woodland creatures who live in Redwall Abbey. I would love to see this series as a movie or series of movies because of where we are technologically today. We could actually make the gallant hares, the noble badgers, the sly foxes, and the humble mice real on the screen! There was an animated series that tried to capture the spirit of these tales.....it utterly failed. This series needs to be captured on screen like it deserves!

  • Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques

Written by the same author as the Redwall Series but this story is far from heroic woodland animals in a fantasy world. This book tells the tale of a boy and his dog who were aboard the Flying Dutchman when it was cursed by an Angel. They are now the immortal castaways who roam the countryside looking for those in need. I think this movie and it's companion sequels would make an excellent movie because it fits right in with the pirate/immortal/ghost/supernatural thing going on in movie business right now. Who could resist an immortal boy and his dog?


  • Picture Maker by Penina Keen Spinka

Haunting and Epic in scale, this historical fiction captured my heart when I first discovered it in the library. This book tells the story of a young Mohawk girl called Picture Maker and her race for survival that takes her from her home in North America to the frigid north, and finally to Greenland. This is one of the better historical fictions I have read, though certainly still for an older audience. I think it would be a great movie because it spans so many indian cultures and paints an accurate life story.


  • Ingo by Helen Dunmore

This is the only mermaid book I have ever bought. It stole my heart when I was a teen and I have never been tempted to take it off the Favorites shelf. Ingo is about a girl who feels called to the sea. She longs for it. Secrets in her family's past may explain this mysterious, magical pull toward the underwater kingdom of Ingo. This rich fantasy belongs on the big screen. Granted, the book is written for a younger audience, but what's wrong with a clean fantasy flick?? Nothing. Go read the book.


  • East by Edith Pattou

This is, by far, one of my most favorite books ever. It is geared towards a younger audience but I still love re-reading it. This is an example of epic, beautiful tale telling. The story follows Rose and her journey to combat the fate of her Birth Direction. She's forced to make a deal with an enormous white bear to save her family and is whisked away to an enchanted castle full of mystery and the overhanging danger of the troll queen of the north. The story is absolutely beautiful and belongs on the big screen because of that.


  • Ranger's Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

Talk about an epic series that needs a movie! The Ranger's Apprentice series follows the life and adventures of the clever orphan Will in a fantastical land very similar to our own. The Ranger Corp act as the Kingdom's special forces and are known for their uncanny ability to move unseen and their skills with the longbow. Will and his master Halt, along with a group of unforgetable characters, dive into the darkness and intrigue to save the kingdom. These characters and the world they live in would be perfectly at home in a theater. At the same time, it would make a killer TV series!


  • The Watchers by Mark Andrew Olsen

A novel of suspense on a spiritual battle level. This tale follows the unseen saga of war against the forces of evil in our world today. I can see this as a movie because of how fast and startling this novel is. Despite how I disagree on some theological points, this book and it's companion The Warriors is certainly one to check out.



  • Binding of the Blade Series by L.B. Graham

I've seriously got to go back and read this series again. I had just finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy (I was like..11) when I read it the first time. This series follows in the footsteps of grand, sweeping fantasy just like Tolkien's work of genius. I could see the series mashed into one grand movie (which would ruin it) or strung out to three movies. I don't want to give away any spoilers! But the series combines a grand-scale plot with Christian themes and comes out a fantastic read.


  • Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

I found A Voice in the Wind (the first book of the series) tucked into the bottom shelf in the corner of a dark room on a still, snowy day. I didn't read it that day, but it found me again later and begged to be read. I fell in love. This is a re-definition of Christian Historical Fiction. The series is honest, unflinching, and powerful as it relates the lives of people in the first-century Roman Empire. This one is definitely not for kids. The story follows a Jewish girl who is torn from her family and land to become a slave in Rome. Her journey touches lives in ways that go beyond Rome. Good historical fiction like this deserves to be made into a good movie!


  • Veil of Fire by Marlo Shalesky

It's a small, unimpressive little book. Yet the images inside will sear secrets and haunting imagry into your mind. Fire razes the town of Hinckley to the ground. Where almost everyone recovered from the devastation, one man rejoiced. Now his secrets have been carried away in the wind with the ashes. Or have they? A scorched child of God stands to reveal the truth that brings freedom and restoration. This historical christian fiction is a must-read, and I think it would make a striking movie as well.






Well this was really fun! I can't wait to do another Top Ten Tuesday!


What about you guys? Recognize any of the books here? What are some of your favorites? Who here has more awesome christian historical fiction, or just fantastic historical fiction to share? I'm craving some new books soon. Any suggestions?















  1. Bethany, I am sure you know my identity but I wasn't sure just how to do these comments with out an account. I have never read or heard of any of these books or authors but your descriptions of each book and it's writer made me want to read every one of them!. Maybe some day! I am so thankful that God has allowed us to know each other in this world. Thank you Bethany for giving your heart and life to Him and allowing Him to use you for His glory. What an honor it is to be able to share these thoughts with you . All my love to you G-Ma

    1. Thanks so much G-Ma :) It means so much to me that you're able to read these. Your support is such an encouragement! Love you!


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