Monday, August 31, 2015

Monthly Highlights: August 2015


For a while there I wondered if I’d make it in time to post this! Hello again everyone, and welcome to August 2015’s edition of Monthly Highlights here on Forgotten Featherpen! Has it been a crazy month for anyone else? Or has that just been me? If there are any other students out there that have arrived at college then you know what I’ve been through. A month’s worth of checking off packing lists, shopping lists, schedules, and the general flurry of mayhem that goes along with starting the school year. But it's all good. I’m happily settled in my new dorm and campus and having a grand time so far. I’ll write a post next month and tell you all about it. Now let’s get start with the highlights from this month!



The Blog

Even with all the hubbub I’ve managed to post once a week! Woohoo! I’ve got lots of ideas for posts next month but if any of you have suggestions I’m eager to hear them. Let’s review what was put up on the blog this month:


I shared a book that changed my life in Adam and His Kin.

I Planned for Change (and downloaded cool apps) when I shared the news of my departure to College this Fall.

In StoryWorld Setting Link-Up I shared a cool way other writers can showcase the setting for the world they’re building.

Finally this month I shared a little something creative from my past in The Girl and The Bee - A Short Story.



My Life

I hesitate to share too many details about my transition to college because I really want to save that for a special post (or series of posts) all on it’s own. College-themed blog posts have been stewing in my mind for days now for obvious reasons. I can tell you all that I managed to gather, pack, and get everything to college successfully. I finally experienced a real move-in day and a real college orientation. It’s so much more exciting (and tiring) than the first week of online college. I’ve been blessed with a great roommate and some awesome suitemate. Classes have begun and I’m on my way to a busy yet fruitful semester! Ah but you want to see pictures don’t you? Alright here’s some of the few I remembered to take before being swept away by schedules.





It’s sad to say but with all that’s been going on I’ve had no time to hunt down my favorite blog posts for the month to share with you. But I’d love to hear about your favorite reads of the month! Share them below in the comments and while you’re at it tell me if you’re at a new college/school yourself and how you’re adjusting in your first weeks. Have a great end of August everyone!





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