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StoryWorld Setting Link-Up

Good Morning Everyone! Or afternoon, or evening, or second-time reading! As I scheduled in light, fun posts before I head off to college I came across this lovely Link-Up that I've very excited to share with you. It's hosted by Adriana. Here are the rules!


The Rules

Take the link-up theme pick and post it on your blog

Show us one (or two) pictures of your setting. Whether that be a place landmark, map, or landscape.

Answer the amazing questions. (Then link back here)



The Questions:


1. What is your genre? Cause that tends to determine what your setting will end up looking like.

This story is a historical fiction. However, I don't want people thinking of Downton Abby or World War Two when I say that so I'll clarify and declare my WIP an Ancient/Prehistorical Fiction. That's a genre right? At the same time I hope to pump a lot of imagination into this story so don't let the threat of dry history scare you off.


2. What is the majority of the setting like? Is it more forest? Desert? Etc.

The majority of the story takes place in what is known in the modern world as the Fertile Crescent Area. This area lies between the great Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This setting is green and lush like a gem in the desert.


3. Has this world got a memorial landmark of any kind?

This world is populated by the first great cities of man. But there will be one city that can be considered a memorial to the prowess of mankind. It will be a religious city built around one central tower that reaches up into the heavens. Fashioning this city and building this tower will be a mass project that draws the pride and skill of hundreds of craftsmen. Those who aren't able to grasp the vision behind the city and tower can simply be forced into the labor of building.


4. What is the transport like in this world? Do they have cars? Or do they ride around on horse and dragons?

Dragons? Yes. Certain dinosaur types could have possibly been tamed for use in carrying loads or pulling very special carriages (like in China!) But these appearances will be sparing. In general people will get around on foot or else via donkey, camel, horse, etc.


5. What time period is it set around. Have you used an concepts from historical era. (Ex, the hunger games has the element of the roman world.)

For context (and room for a decade or so error), think of the ancient Sumerians and other ancient Middle Eastern Cultures. Working from a Biblical Timeline the period I'm working with is sometime before 2100 BC. To put it another way, going from a Secular timeline, this period ranges anywhere from 10,000 BC to 4500 BC with the rise of cities like Eridu and Uruk. It's interesting that the Biblical timeline places this formative period where it does. A secular timeline places the Babylonian control of the Fertile Crescent at 2000 BC. So if the secularists threw out the huge amounts of time it supposedly took for ancient man to advance to city-building, then they would be in agreement with the Biblical timeline. Anyway, those are the dates I'm working within. :)


6. Who is in control in this world? Who is leading? Is it a Monarchy, or is it run by a Government? (and if so what kind of government?)

This is the age of mighty men who rule with a warrior's power. One is about to become the first great king of the age. By his side are learned priests and seers who are cultivating a religion that will soon command the entire known world. So government as we know it is still being formed in this realm.


7. What are some of the laws this world has?

Every one is doing what is right in their own eyes. A few cling to the traditions of the old days. More though are looking to a new world order and religion being brought into power by the new king.


8. What is the common religion of this world? And what are traditions they have?

There are two religions present in this world. The first is the worship of the god of the First Age, the god of Adam and his sons. But the worship of this angry god is not approved of by the new King who favors the new religion his priests have devised. This second religion is one based on the roots of what you'd find in ancient or pagan religions. This includes worship of the stars and otherworldly spirits contacted by Seers.

A tradition that this second group of people have is to set aside one person as a seer or oracle for their lifetime. This is a practice that can be seen in Ancient Greece, Rome, and other ancient cultures. The person set aside for this role of being the medium between man and spirit is first educated before being initiated into the role. They serve for their lifetime and choose a successor before they die.


9. Are there any special (annual) events or holidays that are celebrated?

Like other ancient cultures, this one celebrates yearly events that can be seen in the heavens. There are festivals for equinox, solstice, and the appearance of certain stars or planets.


And lastly here are some of the pictures of my setting for you to enjoy. I found them all on pinterest and they are not my property.







So that's it! That was so much fun! I hope y'all were able to enjoy and get a good glimpse of the setting of my story. If you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them. Now it's your turn! If you decide to participate in this link-up too let me know in the comments so I can come check out your setting. Has anyone ever read a story about this type of setting before? As always, thanks for stopping by and reading!




  1. I haven't seen many stories set in ancient times. This sounds really cool. ^ ^

    1. Thanks Victorica! I'm glad you like it :) This link-up was so much fun to do. I hope to see more people pick it up.


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