Monday, August 10, 2015

In which I Plan for Change (and download cool apps)


Change is inevitable. We all too often think of change as a negative occurance. In my own life I remember not enjoying a change of address or set of friends. I don't like when my plans for the afternoon are changed from leisurely reading to labor in the hot outdoors. It's an unwelcome change too when the hairdresser cuts my hair in the exact opposite of what I asked her to do. I'm sure you all can identify with me. Change is often not what we want. Except for the few choice exceptions.

This year I'm welcoming change with open arms. I'm even planning on it happening at the end of this very month! Every waking thought of each passing day is used to plan out each step of this new change in my life. It isn't the first time I've encountered this sort of transition, but I greatly anticipate this particular take on an old classic.


I'm Going to College!


I've flown all the way to Wyoming for a year to experience Jackson Hole Bible College. These past two years I have been able to benefit from incredible teachers through online education at Toccoa Falls College. But at last, this year I will be heading to a real college campus for a true college experience! I'll change from online classmates to face-to-face interactions. My solitary study will change to exchanging ideas with a peer group. The campus of my home will change to a gorgeous campus in the Tennessee hills. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. I've been looking forward to this oppurtunity for years!



Planning for Change

Obviously a lot of things are going to change once I transfer to Bryan College in Tennesee at the end of this month. I will adjust to a new place, group of people, and pace of study. But then again some things won't really change. I've already been doing work on a college level for three years. I'm used to the work load and responsibility. My positiion is a unique one since I'm a transfer student. So what things in particular am I planning to adapt to in College?



Spiritual Life

The first thing on my mind is my spiritual walk. It's important to me to keep up a daily time when I can pray and dig into the Bible. If any of you out there are in college or about to enter it, you might know what I'm talking about. The stress of time management in a college student's life is enormous. Finding the time to be still and talk with God is important. To try and give myself a leg-up in that department I've found a handy supplement to my daily study. "She Reads Truth" is an online community of women who read the Bible together daily. Through the app you have access to planned devotionals and Bible reading. There's a function that allows you to set an alert on your phone at a specific time to remind you to get into the Word. In addition you have the ability to take notes, bookmark, and read the Bible within the app. So far I've found the app to be really helpful as I prepare to stay spiritually healthy on campus. Some of the studies are free and others only cost a dollar or so to add to your bookshelves. Overall, I love it!




Writing Habits

The second thing that comes to my mind when planning for college is the wondering if I'll have any time to write. I'll say this at least, I've been a college student for about three years now (albeit it not in the traditional way) so I'm know what a full load looks and feels like. The small bit of wisdom that's come to me in that time is this: you accomplish what you make the time for. In other words, whatever writing I've managed to get done in these three years is what I carved out the time to work on. Habits take work and repitition to form. But once you have them you can carry them through the most hectic of schedules.

I know writing is something that brings me happiness and fulfilment. I intend to make time for it because it's something I love to do. How hard will that be? Well once I get immersed into the college schedule I'll be sure to update you guys and let you know how much time I really do have!

A few practical things I'm doing to plan for my writing habits in college is making sure I bring my trusty notebook and my favorite pen. I'm also keeping my account on MyWriteClub alive so I can hopefully stay motivated. Have I found any cool writing apps you may ask? Yes, yes I have. For the storage of all my documents and stray thoughts I trust Evernote. Even in the free version Evernote links all my documents between my devices so I can pick up my iphone and work on what I originally wrote on my ipad. My other favorite writing app of the moment is Werdsmith. This app turned my iphone and ipad into a writing studio. Within the app you have the ability to set an alert to remind you to write as well as the capability of setting word goals as well. The app even has a "history" feature so you can view previous versions of your work! If you pay for the premium version you get even more cool stuff but I'm happy with the free version for now.


So that's my big announcement plus some of the cool apps I'll be taking with me to hopefully ensure college success. Who else here is headed to college this fall? How are you planning for the big change? Who would be interested in seeing more posts in the future geared towards how a writer can survive in college? I'd love to hear your thoughts so don't forget to comment below!




  1. Wow lots of big changes! I hope they grow you both as a young adult and a Christian. I didn't go to college, but I've done a lot of self-study and attended writers conferences. ^ ^ I hope you can keep up the writing!

    1. Thanks so much Victoria!
      I'm pretty sure I'm going to continue doing lots of self-study when I get back home too. I just love learning! Make sure you pester me if I suddenly stop blogging! I have a feeling my first semester is gonna keep me super busy. :)


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