Monday, November 2, 2015

Release Announcement: The Secrets of Ancient Man

Pardon me while I share my incredible excitement! The sequel is finally here! No longer must I wait for the original to have its partner on my shelf. The Genius of Ancient Man Team out of Jackson Hole Bible College has announced the release of their newest book this November!

The Secrets of Ancient Man

Is this not awesome!? I'm sorry, if you're new and no have idea what I'm talking about I should take a second and bring you up to speed. Studying Ancient Man from a Christian perspective is a huge interest of mine. There are a ton of big misconceptions about ancient man that we don't consider when we talk about it. But the truth is God created ancient man to be intelligent and there's proof for that all over the world! There's proof for a lot of things besides that, and that is what these books are about.

Jackson Hole Bible College (of which I am an alumni) put together a research team years ago that worked to produce The Genius of Ancient Man in 2012. I was actually a part of that research team. I continued on to contribute to their official blog and even in a small way to this newest book. If you haven't read my Project Review on this book you should check it out. No time for that? Then check out this Promo for the first book: The Genius of Ancient Man.

What People are Saying

As soon as I get my hands on this book I promise I will post a full review. Until then, this is what's promised to us for this book right from the official blog: 

"Where Genius sought to defend the intelligence of Ancient man, and combat the secular evolutionary paradigm of slow progress - the main focus of this new book is different. In Secrets we on tracing the rebellion of ancient man - their desire to "make a name" for themselves as we see clearly in the account of Babel. (Genesis 11) Join us again as we travel through time and immerse ourselves in the ancient cultures, seeking to discern the motivating factors and philosophical worldview that led the ancient people to worship, live, build, conquer, and create. We think you will find that ancient man has much in common with present-day man when it comes down to the heart, attitudes, and goals of life." 

You can visit the official release announcement to get a sneak peek of the first chapter!

Answers in Genesis also predicts great things from this new release:

"Mankind has always yearned for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We find ourselves enthralled with secrets, mysteries, and riddles. Man is seduced by the unknown and enticed by the offer of revalation. Perhaps this is why we pursue science so passionately and we seek desperately to unearth the remmants of our ancestors. We have this innate impression that there is something we don't know, something important that we must discover. -- The Ancient Man research team of Jackson Hole Bible College has been hard at work over the past two years since publishing their first book, the Genius of Ancient Man. Dedicated to bringing you more of the fascinating details, commentary, and the Bible-affirming truths you loved about ancient man, the team now invites you to think critically about both history and the forces at work in our world today." 

In This Book....

  • More Details about the most advanced ancient technology we've ever seen, including Roman Nanotechnology
  • Identify the counterfeit religion of Babel mirrored in every Pagan religion through time
  • Why the Tower of Babel incident was about a rebellion that has occured throughout history into the present day

You can Preorder this fantastic book on Amazon and Answers in Genesis. If you get a hold of it comment back here to tell me what you thought! I'll post a review as soon as I finish. Guys, I'm super excited about this! Seriously, the topics covered in both of these books are incredibly important for Christians to dig into. Have any questions or thoughts? Leave them in the comments below. And as always, thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Hello Bethany. I was just buying this book for some research of my own when I found your blog. I tried emailing you some comments last week, did you get them? I sent the email to

    Great blog, btw :-)

    1. Hello Mr. Mooney,
      Yes, I did get your email. My apologies for not replying right away. I wanted to make sure I had read some of the materials you sent before getting back with you. :) So far I'm really enjoying it! I hope to reply to your thoughts by the end of this week. Thanks so much for stopping by and getting in touch!
      Oh! And when you read the book I would Love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Awesome! I'm traveling for work for a few weeks, so just wanted to make sure the email had gone through before taking off. Getting 'Genius' for airport reading :-)

    Hope you enjoy the story. It was a long long process to get it to where it is now. :-)


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